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Eye Test Glasses


On Hold/Queue/Park Music and Messaging


Enabling technology to help your business. Reach hundreds or thousands of callers (customers or prospective customers) for a very small cost. Don’t settle for silence or some (often unpleasant) plain old music. Better to play a mix of pleasant music and messaging about your business.


Eye Care - Kim
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Auto Attendant/Voicemail/IVR Greetings

Need or want to enable technology to professionally greet callers and point them to the right department or person? Professionally recorded “real human” greetings enhance your business image and get callers routed to the best place. Can be answered on the first ring or after a few rings to answer if your humans are busy.


Eye Care - Kim
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Ask us about special offers for the Eye Care Industry. Working together for benefiting from the best technology and service for your business success 


Customized On Hold/Queue music and voice is also available for your Eye Care professionals at a discounted price depending on length of project.

 For more information, schedule a short meeting with a human being to answer your questions.


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