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Hotels On Hold Messaging & Music

Do you want your guest to feel more comfortable and at home with your hotel before they even arrive? On-hold messaging from Thanks For Holding can create a better caller experience with its messaging and queue services. Whether you want a greeting and push menu to handle high guest caller volume more efficiently, or to reduce the chance of hang-ups during a wait, our on-hold messaging services can help.


Even during short waits, you can express what sets you apart. Thanks For Holding can fit your hotel’s unique brand with premium licensed music for callers to hear while they wait. It’s an opportunity to give them a positive experience with your hotel instead of an inconvenient wait. Regular updates to your messaging such as unique promotions, seasonal updates or holiday music and messaging options are available.

Hotel On Hold Audio Services 
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Hotel Messaging Sample

Click the video above to listen to a Hotel on hold message from Thanks For Holding's Voice Talent

Stand Out In Your Industry

Thanks For Holding on-hold messaging services for hotels is the perfect brand positive impression partner and could be the missing edge you’ve been looking for to set it apart in the minds of guests and potential guests. For hotels of any size, our expert team will craft a custom hold message experience that fits your needs and increases your brand.


The hotel sector might be one of the most competitive when it comes to providing guests with a positive experience. Before someone decides to stay at your hotel, Thanks For Holding on-hold messaging services can give a guest a preview of the convenience and mood they will feel if they choose to stay with you.


All hotels will need to put a guest or potential guest on hold at some point. Whether a large resort needs to connect a caller to specific service or an independent inn wants a caller to hear the perfect piece of music to keep them engaged during a short wait, Thanks For Holding can help.

Services For Your Hotel

On-hold messaging

On-hold messaging from Thanks For Holding is a specialized service that combines our professional voice talent with carefully scripted, pre-approved messaging. Keep your important callers from hanging up by engaging them with important information about your business including special promotions that can help increase sales of equipment and membership for your facility.

Premium licensed Music

Deliver a pleasant and professional experience in your phone messaging or in your facility by playing songs from our selection of premium licensed music. It is the perfect way to give your callers and guests a positive experience rather than leaving them in awkward silence while they wait in your hotel lobby or on hold.

Digital Signage

Digital signage puts your hotel in places you might not think to look-- or aren’t otherwise taking full advantage of. Once your guests are in the door, digital signage by Thanks For Holding presents them with relevant content customized for your hotel. Imagine your photographs and video, text on themed templates and photos, news, weather, time and temperature, social media feeds, advertising and much more. Putting digital signage specific to your hotel in your lobby or on your network will grab your audience, provide outstanding visitor experiences and can be used to present marketing messages if desired.

Business Phone Consulting

Need a little advice or an important question answered? Want your guests’ phone experience optimized for your needs and theirs? Thanks For Holding offers expert phone system consulting to help you identify the perfect setup for your hotel.

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