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Messaging & Queue Services

Your Thanks For Holding message will make a positive impression callers, promote your business, and bring real results by promoting your products and services to your callers. Here are the key advantages of our on-hold messaging services:

  • We'll help develop an effective script with bullet points and information from you.

  • The message should have 5-12 message segments to avoid repeating too quickly.

  • The full message mix should run around 6 minutes to bring the best results.

  • The professional voice (male or female) must sound great.

  • Generic "filler" material must be avoided.

Every business is different. Some need unlimited changes because they want to promote time sensitive specials and offers. Others are more consistent and may need to change their message less frequently. We'll develop a plan to bring you the results you need and match your business operation.

We can record messaging in foreign languages and dialects. We can provide voices in Spanish, French, Chinese and others. Character voices and celebrity impersonations are available. Your messaging is an important part of your brand and we'll present it the way you want it delivered. Mention any special considerations when you contact us today.


Whether your business needs music and messaging for callers when on hold or in queue or telephone system greetings (press one…press two…etc.) Thanks For Holding will help your business sound professional and make great impressions.  We’ll help you SOUND GREAT! 


Entertain and make a visit to your business enjoyable with great music.  Thanks For Holding offers a huge variety of music to match your business audience.


Video is eye catching with digital entertainment, promotional and information displays.  Present a visual message to your visitors. 


If you’re a business with 50 telephones or fewer, we can present solutions to ensure your business runs smoothly with the right phone system matched to your needs.


There are two concerns for music played on speakers in your business:


1) Is it pleasant for your visitors and employees??

2) Is it legally licensed? 


We offer a detailed evaluation process to make sure your business is compliant with licensing organizations in the US and Canada.


If your business wants just great music to callers to your phone system, Thanks For Holding offers what you need.  Regular updates and an option of holiday music included. 

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