Point of Purchase Audio Marketing​

Private Radio Station/In Store Messaging — There's a captive audience in your store! Entertain them with a blend of popular music and messages and announcements. Create your own sound and present messages whether it's informational in nature or targeted selling in a retail environment. You can offer employee training and motivational messages before or after public hours of operation too.

Other Telephone Recordings​

Wake Up Calls — Don't settle for a locally recorded message that gets guests off to a poor start for the day. Our warm, friendly wake up calls will make a great impression and get your guest's day off to a great start.

Auto Attendant/ACD Recordings — The telephone is the "front door" to many businesses. We can make the initial impression callers get a positive one.

Other Audio

Radio Commercials — Put our experts to the test. With over 30 years experience in audio recording, we can make your radio commercial sound great!

Industrial/Web Audio — If you have a training video or website audio project, we can help. Narration and long form audio is another specialty we offer.

TV Commercials — Consistency in your marketing message is important. We can bring a great sound to your TV commercials.

Music Only On Hold — Great instrumental music without voice tracks for your callers. Monthly updates and holiday options available. No more silence and easy for any phone system.

Other Audio Services


Whether your business needs music and messaging for callers when on hold or in queue or telephone system greetings (press one…press two…etc.) Thanks For Holding will help your business sound professional and make great impressions.  We’ll help you SOUND GREAT! 


Entertain and make a visit to your business enjoyable with great music.  Thanks For Holding offers a huge variety of music to match your business audience.


Video is eye catching with digital entertainment, promotional and information displays.  Present a visual message to your visitors. 


If you’re a business with 50 telephones or fewer, we can present solutions to ensure your business runs smoothly with the right phone system matched to your needs.


There are two concerns for music played on speakers in your business:


1) Is it pleasant for your visitors and employees??

2) Is it legally licensed? 


We offer a detailed evaluation process to make sure your business is compliant with licensing organizations in the US and Canada.


If your business wants just great music to callers to your phone system, Thanks For Holding offers what you need.  Regular updates and an option of holiday music included. 

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