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What are VoIp Phones?

Phone systems for business have changed a lot recently. The acronym VoIP may be said as Vee-oh-eye-pee, which pronounces each read more (link)

How to choose music for your business
There are two places where music in a business can be presented.. to read more (link)

HD- Audio 

Technology continues to improve the sound quality of phone calls – wired or wireless. You may hear the term “HD Voice” for High Definition read more (link)

Front Door Customer Experience 

There’s more than one “front door” to a business.  If a business has visitors that come for retail or customer interaction, it’s highly likely that when they step in the physical front door…to read more (link)

How Did COVID-19 Change Our Mindset?

Find yourself calling ahead to confirm your doctor’s or dentist’s appointment?

Wanting to be on the safe side, so you call the restaurant in advance to make sure they are still open? read more (link)


Whether your business needs music and messaging for callers when on hold or in queue or telephone system greetings (press one…press two…etc.) Thanks For Holding will help your business sound professional and make great impressions.  We’ll help you SOUND GREAT! 


Entertain and make a visit to your business enjoyable with great music.  Thanks For Holding offers a huge variety of music to match your business audience.


Video is eye-catching with digital entertainment, promotional, and information displays.  Present a visual message to your visitors. 


If you’re a business with 50 telephones or fewer, we can present solutions to ensure your business runs smoothly with the right phone system matched to your needs.

How To Handle Emergency Conditions
As much as we would like to, nobody can control mother nature. The world is an unpredictable place with hurricanes, wildfire, floods, and of course snow and ice... to read more (link).

Promoting your specials

People love to find a special and to feel like they have saved money. It’s vital that your customers are aware of your current deals and any promotions that your business has to read more (link).

What do YOUR callers hear after hours?
Have you ever called your business after hours and listened to what potential customers are listening to? read more (link).