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How to handle Emergency Conditions


As much as we would like to, nobody can control mother nature. The world is an unpredictable place with hurricanes, wildfire, floods, and of course snow and ice.


You never know when you will need to communicate with your customers in an efficient way when a physical office is closed or limited. Having an up to date phone system is extremely important. Phone System Greetings are a simple and easy way to address current situations.  It’s critical that you help your brand stay on top of these difficult circumstances, by keeping your customers and community informed. 


Offices may need to close down or relocate. Let’s think,  how will you get customers to your business, if they don't know where you are? It’s vital that your callers know how to interact properly. 


Special suggestions can be made, such as calling staff on a direct line or a mobile phone. Leaving clear instructions directing them to your social media pages and website as well as informing them of your latest company offers and benefits.


Emergency unpredictable conditions can be stressful enough. Why not let Thanks For Holding be on your situation team by taking care of your phone system and planning ahead. 


Every business needs to create a good lasting impression, no matter what mother nature throws your way. 


If this sounds like it would be helpful, please contact us for immediate assistance.

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