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On Hold and Music Services For Oregon Businesses

Thanks For Holding turns the potential inconvenience of callers being put on hold  into an asset for Oregon-based companies. Businesses that put people on hold are missing out if they aren’t taking full advantage of this valuable time with a captive and engaged audience. Thanks For Holding’s custom-crafted messaging through professional audio branding will keep your customers engaged or entertained. Whether you want to increase sales or simply better serve your customer and enhance their call experience with you, Thanks For Holding offers a number of message options and services for your business. We’ll provide a welcome change to the way people wait--- and give your company an extra edge over your competitors.

Oregon Business's
On Hold Audio Services 
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Benefits of an on hold service like Thanks For Holding:


  • Deliver A Polished Brand Impression

  • Reduce Costly Hangups

  • Capitalize On A Captured Audience

  • Deliver Important Info About Your Business

  • Improved Overall Caller Experience

  • Reinforce Your Other Marketing Efforts

Thanks For Holding - Your Oregon Business's Partner in Success

Thanks For Holding first priority is the success of our customers-- which means making sure you see success with yours. In that spirit, here are some resources offered in Oregon that may help you succeed and grow.


Oregon Business Xpress is a state-run all-purpose business resource center.


Oregon Business Wizard is another state-run service that offers customized help with local, state and federal guidelines, licensing and regulations.


Oregon Small Business Development Center gives small businesses advice, tips and resources for general and specific issues.

Oregon State Chamber of Commerce connects businesses all across the state with each other and local chambers of commerce.

Professional Phone, Audio & Visual Services For Your Oregon Business

On-hold messaging

On-hold messaging from Thanks For Holding is a specialized service that combines our professional voice talent with carefully scripted, pre-approved messaging. Keep your important callers from hanging up by engaging them with important information about your business including special promotions that can help increase sales.

Digital Signage

Digital signage with Thanks For Holding will take the time-tested tactic of visual marketing to a new level. It will pull customers in and get your message out to the visitors in your shop or wherever you have access to display information about your Oregon based business.

Premium licensed Music

Make elevator music a thing of the past. No silence or sitting unengaged. Thanks For Holding provides premium licensed music that both entertains and pleasantly expresses the personality of your business. Perfect for using as background audio to your on-hold messaging or in your business to entertain your team and customers.

Business Phone Consulting

Are you starting a new business and trying to decide what phone system to use? Maybe you are an established company that just has a dated phone system and it is time to update to something more functional. If either of these sound like you, Thanks For Holding can help by providing your with expert business phone consulting. Our phone system experts have been helping Oregon businesses like yours pick the perfect phone systems for their unique needs for over 20 years. Give us a call today and get a free consultation.

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