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Want to increase sales and revenue? Build your brand? Keep callers from hanging up? Entertain, educate and market to the captive audience on your business telephone system? We can help you get the results you desire.

Thanks For Holding is a leading provider of effective on hold messaging, background music service, Auto Attendant and IVR prompt, VOIP phone system recordings and audio productions. We make your business sound great. Explore our site and see how we can help your business.

We make it easy — we write the scripts, manage the schedule and handle all the details.

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You're visiting our site because you want to utilize your telephone system to make a great impression on your valuable callers.

  • Promote your business.
  • Tell callers about specials and other products/services.
  • Keep callers from hanging up.

Are you using this opportunity to promote your business, products and special offerings or are you losing it?

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Choose Your Sound   •   Improve Your Brand
Create Positive Customer Experiences   •   Create an Audio Signature

We look forward to talking with you for a one on one consultation to show you how to maximize the results from your Thanks For Holding message. Contact us today. Your customers are waiting.

Bullet Music For Your Business.

In addition to great sounding and effective telephone on hold and other audio productions, our affiliated company Best Business Music offers lots of music choices to play on speakers in your business. Learn more at Best Business Music.

Bullet Buy It Now service now available.

If you already have a script and simply need professional voice talent and licensed music, use our Buy Now feature. This simplified process will get you a great sounding message within 2 business days.

Bullet Greener Business Practices.

For efficiency and environmental reasons, we are now offering all communication and invoicing via email. No more wasted paper and delivery delays.

Bullet Premium Voice Talent option.

Thanks For Holding now offers the services of internationally recognized voice talent. We now feature special Premium Voice Talent for clients that want familiar voices for their marketing messages. More at our Message Samples page.

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