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Front Door Customer Experience

Updated: May 5, 2022

There’s more than one “front door” to a business. If a business has visitors that come for retail or customer interaction, it’s highly likely that when they step in the physical front door, the business is clean and tidy and the visitor has some sort of positive impression.

For many businesses, their front door is actually their telephone or online presence. If conventional advertising and marketing are working and a prospective customer calls, comes to your location or visits online, it’s very important to make sure they experience a good phone call, on-hold message, working website and music and maybe a video experience if visiting.

There are many studies that show that in retail stores, music and a positive experience will have visitors stay longer and spend more. It is similar to telephone callers. If there’s silence, a radio station or other unfavorable caller experience, prospective customers will hang up and call another business.

When planning advertising and marketing campaigns, remember the “last steps to success” when customers call or visit. What a telephone caller experiences determine whether this new or repeat customer will do business with you. Make sure the touchpoint is positive. If the experience is poor, they will look elsewhere.


Positive telephone and visitor experiences will generate new business and keep existing customers from searching somewhere else for what they need.

- Michael

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