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How to Choose Music for Your Business

Updated: May 5, 2022

There are two places where music in a business can be presented. One is speakers for customers/visitors/employees and the other is the music used on the telephone system.

For both, it’s important to present entertaining music that matches the personality of the business and appropriate for the audience. Is the demographic younger, older, a mix of all ages? Does it need to be different during various times of the day or other considerations?

For businesses with a sound system and speakers, many business owners or managers select music choices and prevent employees from changing to something inappropriate. This can be accomplished by having music source equipment secured in a locked room or closet or by using a service that limits changes only through an online portal with credentials required.

For the telephone system audience, instrumental music is used as spoken words that would be interfered with by songs with vocals. The most common goals are to not lull callers to sleep or to have rock or other music that is unpleasant or offensive. Most select something of medium tempo.

Some things to consider:

  1. Who is your audience?

  2. What kind of impression do you want to present?

  3. Talking about your business is most commonly mixed with music on the telephone but can be used as overhead announcements if appropriate for the business

  4. What is heard in each part of your business currently?

  5. If currently presenting music, is it licensed to use in a business? More about that at You should purchase a license with music companies or better yet, work with a provider (like us!) that pays all the fees as part of music service

We are ready to help present a positive atmosphere and image that will be positive for anyone who listens.

Contact us to discuss options that are easy and legal to use.

- Michael

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