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Promoting Your Specials!

Updated: May 5, 2022

People love to find a special and to feel like they have saved money. It’s vital that your customers are aware of your current deals and any promotions that your business has to offer.

You get a far greater impact when promoting your specials with on-hold messaging. It’s easy and inexpensive to promote to your valuable callers over the telephone. Studies show it’s more beneficial than advertising with radio/tv, billboards, expensive online clicks, and direct mail. Direct your offer to people who have already shown interest in your company, rather than someone listening to the radio or tv in the background, who might miss what you have to offer.

When a customer is on the phone and they’re hearing how much they can save, it makes them happy. Time and time again, a positive telephone experience brings existing customers back repeatedly.

Thanks for Holding helps you sound professional, friendly and most importantly we make people aware of what your business has to offer.

We’re here to help you make those long-lasting impressions.

So contact us today to help you promote your specials and promotions!

- Michael

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